Travis Reynolds

Frontend Engineer | VueJS

Contact Info

Portsmouth, UK


I am a frontend web developer, and I create perfomant websites using the exciting new tools that are being created with the latest generation of web technologies. I am primarily a VueJS developer (3+ years), with experience in React, and HTML, JS, & CSS. (4+ years).

I am a contributor to Gridsome, and have created multiple plugins and starter kits for the framework including; a Shopify source plugin, a FlexSearch plugin, a Brotli compression plugin, and a CDN Images plugin - all available on my Github profile.




Marketing Assistant

  • Took charge of running the company website, which included adding content updates, editing the front-end design and layout, and keeping it up to date

  • Creating designs and artwork for various company literature.


Cirrus Creative

Frontend Engineer

  • Web developer for Cirrus Creative, creating websites for clients, using technologies like Gridsome, Gatsby, VueJS, & Nuxt with Headless CMS's.


Personal Skills


  • Completed ES6 Master Course
  • Completed CSS Grid Course
  • Completed VueJS Course
  • Completed NodeJS Course

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